Sunday, November 6, 2016

Skadi - Goddess of the Oldest Magic

Frost. She comes from the mountains, with the scent of snow yet
not fallen embracing her. Embracing us - no more summer
bouncing growth. It's time to take aim. Bow and arrows on her back. Visions in her eyes: visons of witches, visions of women, visions of brave men of the new world. She takes us for long walks. Urges us on to take long strides.

Goddess of crescent moon, sharp and tangible. Easy to cut your fingers on. Bleed if you need to.

Find your prey and stalk it silently. Patience overflows. In silence we find what has been untold. That she's of giantess race. That she comes with the oldest magic.

Bright white and shadowy gray. Skadi means shadow. She makes us walk with them: our untold stories, our forgotten selves. Let them walk side by side. Harming none, now that they are seen, From them we weave stronger dreams, the rest we throw in the stream.

With summer gone, she rules us all: shadow and light, crisp views unfold. We can see, we take aim, we hold on to the whole, just barley touching the ground - as we move forward.

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