Monday, April 29, 2019

Magic of Apple, Tree of Life and Death

From the sweet white and pink blossoms, to the rich fruits that nourishes us come fall, the apple tree is a source and symbol of richness, fertility and re-generation.

The most famous apple tree in the world was not an apple tree at all. Nevertheless, the story of Paradise, Adam and Eve, the fatal bite into the apple and all that followed is deeply embedded into the collective unconscious of humanity, at least in the Western world. Echoed in fairytales such as Snow White, the apple symbolizes both life and death. Death of innocence that is, and the awakening to a world of both richness and dangers. And most importantly, to the awakening of the world of sex.

As a magical ally, you can work with the apple tree to invoke richness, fertility, sensuality, sexuality and much more. The apple is a close friend of humankind, and its powers are usually easy to access. Here are some things you can try out:

Pick branches with apple blossoms, put them in a clear glass jar so you can also see the roots, and ask the apple tree to bless you with a deeper appreciation of your home, and the now.

Cut slices of an apple right across the fruit and take a moment to meditate on the five-pointed star that is shaped from the seed pods. This is a symbol of the Goddess. Fill a pitcher with spring water, add the apple sizes. Put the pitcher where it can be reached by moonlight overnight, preferably on a full moon night. The next day or days, drink the water respectfully, asking with each sip for health to be ingrained into your body.

Make a wand from an apple branch. Decorate it with anything that for you represents richness, sweetness and sensuality. Use the wand to bless any project, situation, or challenge that needs softening and ease.

Enjoy your ally the apple tree. May you play well all year round.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Magic - The Brilliance of Birch

Tree magic is powerful and readily available to anyone. From images of the world tree, to walks in the woods, to picking their fruits and nuts; our root and branch friends are everywhere, ready to communicate, support and nourish.

Different species of trees appear in different myths and folklore. Though these may vary between cultures, somehow, a certain kind of tree usually represent a certain energy signature. If we want to work magically with trees, knowing these energy signatures can help us make the magical work strong and efficient.

Here follows one example of a tree ally we can work with. I chose the birch tree simply because its qualities are so in harmony with the very early spring.

Sometimes called The White Lady of the Forest, birch is a very important tree in North Native American lore, as well as that of Celtic, Old Norse, and Siberian lore. Its slender white stems, with mysterious blackish cracks, and almost fluorescent green leaves, has inspired our ancestors of the northern hemisphere since time immemorial and continues to inspire us today.

Greening early, branches with tiny leaf-ears, can be brought indoors to bring new life to a home, or to symbolically sweep out winter and staleness. Or, why not join into the living tradition of the Finish – use them to whip your body clean in a sauna. “Out with the old, in with the new,” is a saying that goes well with the magic of birch.

Though well known for its beauty, birch is a real fighter – sturdy and strong. It was the first tree to grow in the hardy climates where the glaciers of the ice age had receded. Its bark can be used to make protection spells, and its sap is still used to make spring tonics.

If you want to work with the birch as your magical ally, it will lend you strength for renewal, spring energies, hardiness, protection and much more. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and hug a White Lady of the Forest!

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