Wednesday, September 28, 2016

"Mexican Roots, American Soil: A Quest for the American Dream," by Ernie Bringas

A Book Review - by Michael Peter Langevin, 
from the October issue of The Echo World

Mexican Roots, American Soil: A Quest for the American Dream

Written by Ernie Bringas

Published by: Phantasm Press, 2016

This is a book for our times. With the immigration issue blaring in the headlines, and being forefront in the presidential election debates, this is a refreshing story of the journey of the author’s family members who fled the battlegrounds of the Mexican Revolution. After documenting his family’s story the book becomes the author’s autobiography. 
Ernie was recording in Hollywood with his band The Ripcords while attending school to earn his B.A. at California State University, Long Beach. After the Ripcords broke up Ernie earned his Masters of Divinity at United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio. Ernie was a dedicated minister for decades. As a minister Ernie worked in many poverty stricken communities and did his best to bring the teachings of Christ to those whom it could most help. This book is often humorous about a first generation Mexican American. As an Amazon review so well states: “It illustrates through real-life example that the “sky’s the limit” for anyone in search of the American Dream. Immigration issues will continue to be front line controversies for years to come. Mexican Roots, American Soil seeks to help Americans recognize that the welcome mat afforded incoming immigrants does not have a one-sided advantage. Immigrants continue to weave their unique threads into the American fabric.”

Michael Peter Langevin

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Torch Rune - Let the Fire Flare

The Torch rune: Fire, destruction, flaring, creativity, sudden insight.
Hold that torch high and read the symbols on the cave walls ...

The Torch rune is the rune of the flaring fire we carry to find our way in the dark. Use it to light yourself up from within. Or simply light an outdoor fire in an autumn evening and watch the smoke rise, hear the crackle when flames lick the logs. Throw curses and boring old thoughts on that fire, and let them burn. 

Get rid of the old, and give room to the new; more magic, deeper knowledge, and passion burning from within. The wise one wants you to move further into the dark and see things you haven't dared to see before.

Artwork: Sofia Karin Axelsson