Monday, October 9, 2017

Caverns - the Deeper We Go

The deeper we go
into autumn
the deeper 
we fall.

Fall into caverns of endless silence,
evenly cool,
calming our bones. 
No sound, no sound,
but a chatter-box guide.
Never mind, never mind.
We move him out of time.

The rocks still my mind,
while the cavern  opens  
her generous crevasses

Stone gods engaged 
in slow conversation

Silence, silence
behind it all.
Silence -
and total darkness.

The beginning of visions,
large and small,
sparkling like underground stars,
on our deep under walk.

Photographs: From Endless Caverns, Virginia, by Sofia Karin Axelsson.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The Panther who Jumped over the Moon

The Panther who Jumped over the Moon. You might have heard the story. It is very old. So old indeed, you have to listen closely, just before you fall asleep, or when the firewood crackle, or when grace touches your heart at that exact moment you thought you were utterly alone and realize - just as the sun-rays of dawn (or sun-rays of dusk, or rays of moonlight, or starlight - it matters not) touches the surface of the coffee in your coffee-cup (or the surface of your tea, your water, your wine, your rum -it matters not ) - that you might have heard the tale. But if this has not happened to you lately, this is how the story goes.

Panther was black and fiercesome. No one hunted like him, no animal was his like in stalking, sneaking and moving like a shadow, no one's bite was as strong. For a long time Panther took pride in his superior abilities. To be honest, why shouldn't he?

One day Panther was resting by the river, sun-dappled fur warm and sleek as he gloriously licked sweet blood drops from his paws. Suddenly, he heard movements in the grass, small flickery movements, nothing for him to be concerned with, this was to small a prey for him. He also heard chatter. Mice chatter.

"Listen," said one mouse quite high-pitched. "I know you're adventurous, but this is just silly. You cannot reach the moon, even in that ridiculous suit."

Panther pierced his yellow eyes and saw, to his surprise, a mouse dressed in a feather suite, carrying a kite over his head.

"Of course I can," said the brave, little mouse, "anyone can do anything he sets his mind to. Anyway, how will you know if you haven't tried."

Panther watched as the strange mouse started to climb a tall pine tree. The feathers got caught, the mouse struggled with his kite, but somehow managed to keep climbing, while his mouse friend watched nervously from the ground. Panther was curious now, holding his breath when the mouse swayed, cleansing and un-cleansing his paws when the mouse lost his grip and got hold again. Watching intently as the mouse climbed higher and higher up in the pine tree. Finally,the mouse reached the top of the pine tree, and it just so happened that the moon rose in this moment, full and round, quivering like a welcoming mother, illuminating the mouse from behind as he stood high on the highest branch of the great pine.

“Here I go!” yelled the mouse in the tree and threw himself out. “Here I gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ….”

He fell like a leaf, or perhaps like a small stone would fall, would the stone for some reason decide to throw himself out of a high tree. The mouse landed in a soft, wet pile of buffalo poo. The mouse waiting on the ground put his small paws over his mount, while Panther held his breath. There wasn't a sound to be heard in the forest until the brave little mouse started howling and spitting buffalo poo out of his mouth. “Hey! That was fun!” he exclaimed. “Though it didn't work,”he continued, a bit more subdued, looking longingly up on the moon.

“Oh, don't think about it,” said his loyal friend, as he ruched forward and helped his friend up to his feet. “I've heard from the most dependable sources, that not even Panther can jump all the way to the moon.” He put an arm around the brave, little mouse, ignoring broken feathers and poo as well.

Panther watched them walk away. Soon he was alone with the moon hovering over the pine tree as his only company. From that day, nothing felt quite the same for Panther.

Stalking and moving like a shadow still had its joy. How could it not? Crushing bones, the delicious flavor of meat and blood still created surges of excitement through Panther's body. Still, ever so often, Panther found himself resting his head on his paws at night, staring longingly at the moon.

As time went by Panther's movements became slower, the strength of his bite weaker and white hairs grew around his whiskers, showing age. One night he fell asleep, his fur illuminated by the light of an especially pregnant, full moon. It just so happened that he was on that same riverbank where the brave little mouse had tried to fly. The moon was hanging over that same pine tree, that now was even higher and prouder. Panther woke up seeing the moon hanging there. “Now or never,” he thought, not sure where the thought came from. Neither did he fully understand this new strength that filled him. He rose and felt better than he had in his most vigorous days. He leaped up the pine tree, dug his claws deep into the bark as he went up, and up, until he finally got to the top and there he …. jumped. Like he never jumped before.

He flew threw the sky, not to, but over the moon, stars were flashing around him. “Oh, yes,” said Panther as he found his way, as he stalked and moved like a shadow among the stars. And the moon smiled gently beneath him.

Picture: Courtesy of Pixabay free download.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Heavens on Earth

The beauty of the place Michael and I live, the place we call Magic Land, is absolutely striking this time of year: at the end of a dirt road, with the creek flowing by creating a constant symphony of moving water, the intense green nuances of the grass on the field, and of the trees standing tall and proud all around. Deer are coming closer to the cabin than ever, looking for apples from the apple trees. Fireflies flash their mating lights in the evening. First they appear as small golden lights over the field and garden, later into the evening they seem bluish-white, like sparkles from a very playful Faery Godmother. It feels like we are living in a flourescent green, benevolent heart-chakra. 
Some nights ago we sat on the porch and the rainclouds rolled in. But just as sudden as the rain had started it stopped, and the sun shone over the treetops. Appaering in this weather-drama was a perfect rainbow, stretching over Magic Land. At the very same time, on both sides of the rainbow flashed electric white lightning. I have never seen anything like it. This was two nights after I came back from an almost month-long stay in Sweden. I felt like a happy kid who was thrown a welcome-home-surprise-party.

Subtle Sweden
 Sweden has another kind of beauty, more subtle, with softer colors, winds that whisper silently in the birch trees, lakes and rivers that glitter on sunny days. Even the birds sing differently, more melodious, but also more quiet. As if they are afraid of disturbing the gentle harmony of the land.
On my trip home from Sweden I got stuck a couple of hours extra at Zurich Airport because the flight that was going to take me to Washington, D.C. was delayed. Those were long hours, eager as I was to get home to the love of my life who was waiting for me. They were also long because Zurich Airport, as most airports, is an artificial world, with seemingly endless rows of stores with luxuries that no-one really needs, and a chemical level in the air that makes it hard to breathe. I hadn’t gotten my gate announced, so I walked back and forth in this strange world, passing the same stores over and over. Interestingly enough almost all sitting possibilities are gone in this in-between area, if you don’t pay loads of money for food or beverage in the neon-lighted restaurants. You are not supposed to sit down when you are there – you are supposed to spend money on over-priced goods. 

Magic Land
Zurich Airport is also, as all airports, a place where people pass through: nervous, excited, scared, or happy, depending on what is waiting for them at their destination. Some are sad (perhaps they left someone they love,) some are joyous, having vacation, leisure or adventure waiting for them at the end of the flight. 

It occurred to me, that at this time in my life, being stuck in this airport was like being in limbo, knowing that heaven on earth was waiting for me at my destination, and also knowing that heaven on earth was a place I had just left. Only there, in that artificial waiting-ground, did I feel cast out of heaven, isolated from my worlds, utterly lonely, even though hundreds of people were on the move around me. I thought that maybe this is what hell would be like for me. Then I thought that if I had to be in hell for some extra hours to be able to move between my very own heavens on earth ... well, 
then so be it. 

Birches, Sweden and rainbow over Magic Land
I got out of hell ... I mean, I got out of Zurich Airport. I flew over the Atlantic. I got to go home. I’m with my love, in a place I love, thinking fondly of the most recent memories of another place that is also my home. I think about how lucky I am, how rich I am, who can say that I haven’t only found one home, but several. That there is no place I would rather be, than the place I am right now. And how lucky I am that I can say that there was no place I would rather have been, than home in Sweden some weeks ago. 

I have found my very own heavens on earth. The only thing I pray for, is that I do not have to spend too many more hours of my life at Zurich Airport.

My parents garden, Sweden
I wrote this editorial for The Echo World, July issue 2017, when I just came home from a beautiful trip to Sweden. That was several weeks ago - but the conclusions still hold true.

Photographs by: top - Lina Ekstrand, the rest - Sofia Karin Axelsson

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fly Higher - Mantras for Ascension FREE download

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Below you can find my review of Mantras for Ascension, from the May issue of The Echo World.

Mantras for Ascension by Maureen J. St. Germain
review by Sofia Karin Axelsson The Echo World, May issue 2017

Mantras for Ascension contains two healing chants, especially made to clear out old emotional pain, that can hold us back from experiencing our lives at the fullest level.

The first is the Hathor chant, “El Kar Leem Om.” This is an ancient Egyptian chant. Each sound represents one of the four sacred elements: El is earth, Ka is fire, Leem is water and Om is space or air. The elements are the building blocks of the universe, and this chant is supposed to help us get to a place where we can feel reverence for all the possibilities, and get closer to creation as a holy place. Beautiful, female, translucent voices repeat the chant.The second chant is Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Adenoi, Tsebayoth. This is a Kabbalistic chant, said to activate the grids in our bodies, and help us clear out “All that is not God.” This chant is built with a blend between female voices and a background of calm, supporting male voices.

So the big question is then – does it work? Let me say this. Late in the evening, with a deadline coming up, I started feeling a little low energy and discouraged. After listening to the thirty-five minute soundtrack I felt lighter, my head was clearer and I experienced that tingly feeling in and around me that we do when life is just the way it’s supposed to be: sweet, interesting, in the present and connected to the world as it is.

Find out more about Maureen J. St. Germain at:

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The World Tree, or “The Axis of Evil”

There is a World Tree at the center of the universe, a core of creation, from which the cosmos is organized: there’s an “above,” a “below,” and a “middle.” The middle is where humans live, together with all our relatives on Earth, together with seen and unseen forces. Or, so many indigenous peoples around the globe believe. From the Desana people in the Colombian Amazon, to the Sandawe people in Africa, to the Yakut people in Russia, the motif of this World Tree as an organizing principle of all-there-is can be found. The tree is the basis of creation, the place where humans can communicate with the gods. Today many pagans, new agers, and spiritual people have adopted, or re-constructed, this belief as a point of reference. With this worldview it is easy to see existence as structured, meaningful, and animated. All has soul, and all is connected. The motif of the World Tree always suited me personally. I use it as a way of orienting myself in many worlds. The tree makes it easy to know what is up, and what is down, however far into magical realms I may travel.

For the longest time, the worldview of the scientific community has been in opposition to that of the World Tree, or any other “primitive” ideas of a structured universe. Creation started with the Big Bang and the cosmos - with all its life-forms - isn’t anything but the result of random acts, sometimes ending in unprobable things like DNA and advanced cultures. Creation then, is a mere stroke of luck, so to say. But alas, some years ago scientific evidence started pouring in that indicated that there actually is something at the center of the universe: an axis, a polarized force, actually even a structuring force. Scientists quickly named this something “the axis of evil,” (with an unfortunate correlation to politics). This naming might be a result of the infamous, grim scientific sense of humor, but it also reflects the shadow side of a purely scientific worldview: a reluctance to admit that there might be anything else than a mechanical, random cosmos with no meaning. I do not blame scientists for this. It is their job to scrutinize every hard fact.

Meanwhile, if we are to look for meaning, we have to turn to more spiritual ways of moving in the world. The shadow side of such a way of moving is, of course, to view anything as meaningful, as well as the lure of claiming to have found deep truths, based on little more than a whim and a prayer. When we move in the vast space of spiritual beliefs, we have to scrutinize what we experience in a different way than the scientific community. We have no one to trust but ourselves. As the writers and wisdom keepers of The Echo World keep insisting, be it Terry-Cole Whittaker, Maureen J. St. Germain, or Frank DeMarco, we all have to keep listening to our inner voice, find what feels right to us, or ask our Higher Self for guidance. If we do not, it is easy to fall victim to those who try to tell us that they know better than we do, what is true and right. There are many cults and religious fanatics out there who would love to take over our life, if we are not careful.

Remember, whatever ideas and opinions presented in our magazine The Echo World, or that you read anywhere else, only you know if they ring true and are meaningful for you. Only you know if they fit into your personal view of the World Tree.

This is a slightly edited version of my editorial in The Echo World June issue 2017. Top and bottom with courtesy of Pixabay free download. Centre image is an Ash tree in my parents garden in Sweden, taken by me: Sofia Karin Axelsson.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

FREE Meditation - A Gift for the Blood

I hope you didn't miss the article in the May issue of The Echo World by Maureen J. St. Germain:
What Is the Purpose of Blood and Why Should I Care? 

Obviously this is not your everyday subject. The blood of the human body has life-giving properties,carries fluids and removes waste. Yet there is a spiritual significance and that’s what this article is about. It’s important to be aware, and know you can do something about it – if and when you need it! ...
- Maureen J. St. Germain

You find the whole article at The Echo World digital version of the magazine, p. 24.

With it comes a FREE gift for cleansing the blood. A beautiful meditation for anyone you need may need this help. Go to: and get your free download.

Monday, May 1, 2017

There Are Only Two Kinds of People in the World

There is a popular saying-game, especially from know-it-alls that enjoy one- liners. It goes like this:
“There are only two kinds of people in the world … ” fill in whatever you heard someone state most recently. It is probably a nice feeling to categorize the whole world’s population, and have some kind of sense that it is easy to pin everybody into two massive pigeonholes. I should know. I played the game myself. Just for fun, let’s try it out.

“There are only two kinds of people in the world, those who want nothing but to be normal, and those that want nothing but to be special.” Or how about this? “There are only two kinds of people in the world, those that are desperately trying to fit in, and those that are desperately trying to stand out.”
I think that the need to fit in is deeply rooted in our cores. We are, after all, pack animals, created for cooperation, totally dependent on each other. The fear of being thrown out of the pack is a real fear, insofar that not being part of a group can be a direct threat to our physical survival and our overall well being. I also think – reflected in myths all over the world – that the need to stand out, to be our own, to go on the hero quest and be the savior of all, is just as deeply rooted. We are basically made to evolve beyond mere everyday business. 

The fear of being different, and the need to be special, is not exclusive to people moving in areas that we sometimes refer to as alternative. But working with personal spirituality, trying to be part of creating a future-society built on more sound values, can certainly make these questions more visible. How many of our readers, as well as my spiritual friends and acquaintances, haven’t I heard over the years struggling with this issue? It’s easy to fall into loneliness, and worse, it is very tempting to fall into vanity, letting the “special,” translate into “better than.”

There’s a movie I like, since I tend to like most movies that have a mystical twist, called The Devil’s Advocate. The setup is simple. Young, upcoming, but small-town lawyer finds himself in a moral dilemma in the courtroom. He knows the man he’s representing is guilty of an awful crime, and has evidence to prove it. Will the lawyer continue to represent his client, or renounce the case? The lawyer makes the less moral choice, and suddenly his life takes of. He’s offered a position i a big-time law firm, with all the luxury and power going with it that you can think off. The man he’s working for turns out to be the Devil, brilliantly played by Al Pacino. If the young lawyer only gives the Devil his soul, he can have all he ever dreamed of. In the end, the man chooses to leave, finds himself magically back in the courtroom where he strayed off, and can make the right choice. He officially declares he cannot defend the man he knows is guilty. The courtroom goes wild. A lawyer with a conscience!? Outside the courtroom he’s approached by a journalist, who wants to feature this unique and heroic man. The lawyer accepts. The journalist turns to the camera, transforms into the Devil and says, “Vanity, my favorite sin.”

We do not have to claim that we are enlightened, or better, just because we choose a path which feels right to us. Of course there is a price to setting ourselves apart. But there are prices to everything. If we do not choose to be who we came to be, we might, for example, lose our souls.

There are only 7.5 billion kinds of people on the earth. Each unique, different from the rest, and at the same time each one of us shares similar struggles, joys and victories.

This piece was first published as the Editorial of May issue 2017 of  The Echo World

Thursday, March 16, 2017

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

East of the Sun and West of the Moon

When I write this I have just woken up. The moon is shining through the window, creating a path on the bedroom floor in otherworldly white – that cold moonlight that touches on blue. It’s five in the morning, and I’m waiting for coffee, as Michael is an early riser, and makes much better coffee than me. While I wait, and slowly wake up, I watch the path of the moon. I’m only halfway out of the dream-world. I come to think of a fairytale, a Norwegian folktale called “East of the Sun and West of the Moon,” that I read often when I was a kid. This is a story with a Beauty and the Beast theme; it includes meetings and partings, deals and deal-breakers, and centers around a heroine whose curiosity brings the story forward, and whose persistence seals the deal. She makes a long journey to find the castle that lies east of the sun and west of the moon, where she can find her lover and break his curse, so that they can be together.

 Fairytales and folktales are built on the language of the magical world, the language of the spirit and the soul. I never grew out of fairytales. Instead, I simply added a somewhat more sophisticated understanding of what they tried to say, by immersing myself in symbology, mythology, dream-interpretation, Jungian psychology, and different magical systems from around the world, as well as ceremonies and rituals. All aiming to create a language to bring ourselves closer to ourselves.
The moon-path on the bedroom floor – for a brief moment – brings me to that place, the castle east of the sun and west of the moon. A place we have to go through many trials to reach, a place where our soul speaks clearly. 

There are many languages and paths to get there. They are all a life-long learning. They are all spiritual. They all contain the knowledge that there is more to life than what we see with our physical eyes and hear with our physical ears. In The Echo World we try to create a space for these voices – be they the voice of the healer or the reader of Akashic records, the persons who have chosen the road of Tantra, or astrology. We have many great voices and themes this issue: for example, Margot Anand who finds her way to enlightenment through sexual practices, Simon Hayes who works with spirit guides and energy-healing, and Steven Cardoza who works with ancient Chinese medicine. 

Most of us strive to go to that place of knowing, of feeling, of being close to soul, as much as we can in our everyday life. To find our way to the castle that lies east of the sun and west of the moon. To find our way to those moments when the natural world speaks to us and makes us whole, be it misty rain on our face, a warming sun or a moon-path shining on our floor early in the morning. 
I get my coffee. I’m waking up, getting ready for the day with all its fixings and dealings and sometimes tedious details and pressing deadlines. But I will try to hold on to that feeling, that language of soul, that touch of the divine, and bring some of it with me into the day. Because the castle east of the sun and west of the moon is always with us, waiting within us, and never lost. It’s only the path there we have to figure out, by being curious and persistent. Any path works. Be inspired and find one that works for you.

This text first appeared as my Editorial in The Echo World, March issue 2017.

Illustrations top and bottom by Kay Nielsen illustrations for East of the Sun West of the Moon, first published 1914. Photo middle courtesy of Pxabay - 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Idun Says - It's Spring

Idun says - It's Spring, time for rejuvenation.

Time for art - wild and bold. 

Time for stories - yet untold.

Sap is rising. 

Inspiration just started flying.

Seeds rest on the altar still.

Idun knows the secret of life: be young, be young, be young, 

(It's all in your mind.) 

and you're treasure chest will fill ...

Always open, always new. 

When fancy strikes you.

Take a practical view.

Be clear. 

No need to hesitated with nothing to loose.

Whatever happens - all you can be is you.

You are the miracle.

Ask Idun to hold your hand.

Don't fear, don't fear,

nothing can go wrong.

When you give  voice to the most precious of gifts.

Your very own song.

Photographs: "Every Goddess in every woman - Sofia Karin Axelsson as Idun."

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Telling of Stories Creates the Real World

The telling of stories 
creates the real world.

Alberto Manguel

I live in stories, with stories, by stories. Telling stories, taking part of stories is the fabric that defines my world. Since the days of fairy-tales - a childhood fixation that I never quite left - the importance of stories has just grown. Today I choose stories for The Echo World on a monthly basis, edit my second book, and write new stories - about life and death - whenever I can carve out the time.

Stories can conquer fear you know.
They can make the heart bigger.

Ben Okri

My husband, author and co-publisher of The Echo World, Michael Peter Langevin, shares this passion with me. He is full of stories, they seep out of his pores, leaving a scent of exotic flowers, ancient ruins and rainforest moist lingering in the air. 

We are experimenting with telling stories. We film interviews, on the porch, in the cabin that we fondly call The Tree-House. In this interview Michael tells tales about traveling with teenagers in the Amazon rainforest, meeting shamans and experiencing real magic beyond most people's imagination. These stories are part of the fabric that has shaped Michael's life. The interview starts off in Michael's book Secrets of the Amazon Shamans: Healing Traditions from South America.


Great stories happen to those
who can tell them.

Ira Glass

Photos from The Tree-House by Sofia Karin Axelsson
Film by Sofia Karin Axelsson

Friday, February 24, 2017

A Gift from the Angels - This Is a FREE Download from Maureen St. Germain

Meet the Archangels. 
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Many people that are on a spiritual quest, and have dedicated themselves to the life-long work of personal growth, feel drawn to Angels especially, and Archangels specifically. For me they have never been highest on my list of the multitude of spiritual guides and helpers out there. Nevertheless, I have a sweet time every time I listen to Rainbow Angel Meditation – Meditation to the Archangels, by and with Maureen St. Germain. Perhaps this is because she presents the Archangels in an easy manner, associated with the seven rainbow colors - the seven rays - making them approachable even for an old heathen as myself.

One of the privileges of publishing The Echo World is that we often collaborate with our writers and authors, and they offer gifts to our readers that wouldn't be accessible otherwise. Below is a gift from Maureen St. Germain and the Archangels.

This is what you do to access this download:

Scroll down to Meditation to the Archangels, click on purchase MP3 Download and enter code ANGEL.


Image: Cover of Meditation to the Archangels - Copyright Maureen St. Germain.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Love - What Is It?

“I don't do romance,” I stated early on to Michael, when we were just getting to know each other. Something he mildly, with a bit of a jest, reminds me of on a regular basis.

So, I'll admit, I softened up a bit on the “not doing romance” over the years. Romance can be a neat thing, if done right. I think that what I really meant, is that I have little faith in the classic, western world idea about romance. After all, the most well-known story about romance we have, is about two overly tensed teenagers who die at the end. Which is telling. Western culture overall, seems to have a very vague notion of what romance means, and especially what it's supposed to lead to – love. There's usually a sunset, a marriage, or death, and not much else.

The idea of romance, and its correlation to love, as described in the western world, is seldom enlightening. The idea of love, it seems, is often confused with egocentric, overcharged longings and desires. Love, if separated from these childish notions, must be something grander, obviously. But what is it?

One of my favorite books on the subject matter is written by activist and feminist Bell Hooks, namely All About Love: New Visions, published 2001. In it Hooks makes the case that the idea of love is so confused in the western world, and so inter-meshed with power-structures, that it can include totally inappropriate behaviors, such as control and abuse, which can't possibly have anything to do with the concept of love per se. We would be better off, means Hooks, if we thought of love less as a feeling, and more as action, less as a noun, and more as a verb.

I agree.

One of my favorite descriptions of love is made by M. Scott Peck in his book The Road Less Traveled, first published in 1978. He defines love as: “... the will to extend one's self for the sake of nurturing one's self, or another person's, spiritual growth.”

Thus, if we embrace this notion, it means we have to put aside our carefully crafted plans of what we want someone to be for us, and instead concentrate on what they want to be for themselves. At the same time, we have to surround ourselves with people who want to nurture our spiritual growth. That is, who want to help us become as much as we can be.

Somewhere in the tension between the nurturing of other people's growth, and our own growth, is where the great adventure begins. Somewhere in the space of mutual support there is room for love. For me.

To see people you love take on the world, and grow and prosper, to celebrate their victories, and hold them close, body and soul, when they struggle … could there be anything more satisfying in the world? Not for me. And I'm a rich woman, having people in my life that do the same for me.

Perhaps, one of these cold February days, I’ll even buy some oysters, pop that champagne, and play Aretha Franklin's “Natural Woman” on repeat. Because romance, if done right, can be a great way to show your appreciation for that one person who shares all your victories, and all your defeats, every day, and every night.

From Your Editors - February issue of The Echo World
By Sofia Karin Axelsson

Photographs: top and middle - courtesy Pixabay. Bottom - Sofia Karin Axelsson, coverpic for The Echo World, from ceremony at Rachel Mann PhD.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Awakening the Spirit of a House

A couple of small branches, a few leaves on fragile stems. Growing to a massive plant, covering half the bedroom window. The deep red touches something vital inside. When the sun shines thorugh the leaves it vibrates - infra-purple. It's painted pot is bloodred, and the name of the plant is Bloodtear.

It's easy to kill the spirit of a house: you can renovate it to death, or suffocate it under dusty neglect.
But it's just as easy to make it come alive.

Just treat every thing as a creature with its own worth, and soon there will be more life, and voices, and song, from every corner, roof and wall. Give attention to details, and the spirits will come flowing in.

There came a package in the mail from a loved one, with left-over items from the sister who passed away. Among them was a jar of shells. Shells picked on the beach by two sisters. A jar filled with salty longings and dreams.

Everything is infused with its own story. Give each and one of the stories some room to be told, some room to be. Soon your house becomes a library of sorts, voices whispering, telling and sniggering.

Art and figurines have their spirits too. As do chrystals, stones and bones. Give them names. Let them bask in the sun.

Now you can feel that your house is alive; spirits are gathering, stories are told, voices and laughter high and low.

Photographs by Sofia Karin Axelsson

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Echo World's Youtube Channel Kicks Off with "Transitions" with Frank DeMarco

We have started our very own Youtube Channel for The Echo World.  

The Echo World is the alternative magazine for spiritual and cultural creatives, that I publish toghether with Michael Peter Langevin, distributed all over Central Virginia, and with an expanding web-presence.

We work closely together with our writers, and since we took over nine months ago, we are constantly expanding and and exploring new, exiting ways to play with getting important, interesting and uplifting alternative information out there.

Our columnist, author and afterlife explorer Frank DeMarco have done several interviews with us, and now we have decided to try out video, rather than only audio. We celebrate this by simultaneously starting up our Youtube Channel The Echo World with a wonderful reading from Frank's most recent book Rita's World Vol. II: A View from the Non-Physical, on the theme "Transitions," followed by an interview on the same theme with Michael.

How do we successfully prepare to move from this world to the other. Find out the answers.


"Transitions," is filmed and edited by Sofia Karin Axelsson.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Spirits of the House

Spirits  of the house. Giggling, wispering, keeping us warm, waking us up at night, with an unknown tone.

Everything is alive. So is your house. Filled with memories - and dreams. Little gnomes, little sprites, and sometimes ... something grander: a face of the land.

Remember them. How they work to keep you safe, and sometimes ... keep you on your toes.

Reflections, of reflections, awakened souls of old ... and new.

Soul of the House

Light of the House

Watching over Us

Remember to say thanks. And maybe leave a branch - with golden ribbons - for them to play with. Or a warmly charged sunstone - shining through the nigh - for them to find their way during cold, dark nights.

If you watch over them. They will watch over you. Everything is alive. Even your house.

Photographs: "Spirits of the Tree-house," by Sofia Karin Axelsson. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

To Handle Fear in a Fear-Filled World - an Interview with Frank DeMarco

This is a great interview that I had the priviliege to put together: Handling Fear - with Frank DeMarco.

We seem to live in a fear-filled world. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless. Author Frank DeMarco has a unique insight into how to view the world in a way that gives perspective on how to feel safer. His insights comes from the other side.

"Dealing with Fear," is an interview with author Frank DeMarco, starting off in his latest book: "Rita's World Volume II: A View from the Non-Physical. 

"Rita's World Volume II: A View from the Non-Physical," continues the conversation between friends in two worlds: Rita Warren, now in the non-physical world, Frank DeMarco, still in the body. The interview is conducted by Michael Peter Langevin.