Thursday, March 9, 2017

Idun Says - It's Spring

Idun says - It's Spring, time for rejuvenation.

Time for art - wild and bold. 

Time for stories - yet untold.

Sap is rising. 

Inspiration just started flying.

Seeds rest on the altar still.

Idun knows the secret of life: be young, be young, be young, 

(It's all in your mind.) 

and you're treasure chest will fill ...

Always open, always new. 

When fancy strikes you.

Take a practical view.

Be clear. 

No need to hesitated with nothing to loose.

Whatever happens - all you can be is you.

You are the miracle.

Ask Idun to hold your hand.

Don't fear, don't fear,

nothing can go wrong.

When you give  voice to the most precious of gifts.

Your very own song.

Photographs: "Every Goddess in every woman - Sofia Karin Axelsson as Idun."

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