Tuesday, November 21, 2017

November Moments

You know those moments, when time stretches wide and the air thickens with small glimpses of glittering electricity – even though you seemingly do nothing out of the ordinary? Perhaps you just do that one little extra act – like lighting wax-candles in the evening, picking some flowers and arranging them on your kitchen table, or watching the trees turn into shapes and faces, blinking at you from leaves. All while you breathe deep and want nothing more than this particular moment in time.
I bet you do. Sometimes, for me, those moments are accompanied by flashing dots of royal blue, happily showing themselves off around the face of a loved one during soft conversation, dancing over crystals, polished sea stones or a flowering plant. Flashing over whatever I happen to give my full attention to. Whatever I happen to gaze into.

Have you had this happen to you?

The phenomena with the flashing blue dots started occurring for me almost two decades ago. At first, I thought maybe I had gotten some rare eye-disease. But I never went to a doctor with this curious problem, as it wasn’t really a problem at all. It only happened when I felt totally at peace, almost serene. And I had my doubts that trying to explain this to an eye-doctor would have no other effect than a blank stare and the suggestion I should see a psychiatrist instead. So, I just let it be. And through all these years I never read or heard any kind of explanation to my “condition.” Not until just recently, when I read a book by a friend that described the same thing, royal blue color included, and referred to it as a result of reaching a “higher vibration.” Deeper vibration would probably be more my language, or maybe even more accurate, deeper connection. Language aside, this author and I mean the same thing. What a relief it is to get confirmation of some of your more queer experiences!
A deeper connection involves those moments – blue dots in the air or not – when you, perhaps a loved one, and your surroundings become enhanced, full of spirit, and there is no telling where you end, and the world begins. All is safe, and you communicate with all, beyond words.

At the end of November, Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States. We do not have this holiday where I come from. Actually, we have no holidays of significance in November, and I always enjoyed that fact. As far as social obligations and expectations go, November is a pause in time - a time of many pauses, full of blue sparkling dots shivering over tea-cups and loved ones alike.
However, I cannot think of any better reason to celebrate a holiday than to give thanks. What a great invention. Thanks to the United States for the idea, and also for the delicious turkey, sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce. What a treat!

Bringing the month of no-holiday, and the month of giving thanks together I think November is a beautiful pause in time for us all – reflecting on all we have, and giving time to the small moments. That may be the big moments, when all is said and done.
Whatever you do this month, there’s always lots to give thanks for. I give thanks especially for those moments, when the air thickens with spirit, and I connect to all.
I wish you many precious moments this month, however you choose to spend them. Do enjoy all the reflections of life available in this issue. They are as soft and intense as November itself. And as always, I give thanks for you co-existing with me, Michael and The Echo World.

Editorial by Sofia Karin Axelsson from November issue of The Echo World.
Images: Courtesy of Pixabay free downloads.

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