Sunday, November 13, 2016

Freja - the Force from Within

No holding back - when Freja captures your soul, and flares you open from within. It's all pain from now on.

War Goddess. Protect what you love. No one can care for your innermost passions but you.

Love Goddess. Love what you protect. And when the right person comes along - you don't have to hold on anymore. To share what you love - enriches all.

Goddess of magic. Sorceress. All - knower. From the roots of the world tree, she draws the life force. To hold life force in body, is great magic indeed. Directing it - changes everything.

Goddess of life and death. At the edge of the void, only life carries us on. We cut, we blaze, we bleed, we die. Through it all she's walking close - close to you and me.

Closest of gods. Lover of humans. Inviting us to get warm by the seidr fire. Melting our frozen doubts. Catching the drops in her motherly hands. Burning our hearts - until we take our stand.

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