Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Runes Are Dancing

The runes are dancing.


Waiting to be yours.

For you to step into them. For them to be embraced by you.

They don't care if you can pronounce them correctly in Old Icelandi, while hanging up side down in an old ash tree. They don't care if you read every verse of the stories once told by the night fires burning.

They care only of this:

That you know how to carry them inside of you. That you know how to feel them - how to be them.

To be them. Then your theirs. Then they are yours.

Most powerful, ancient signs. As are all signs. As are all letters. As are all languages.

Every sign drawn, every letter written, every word spoken, every sentence woven - shoots out roots and arrows, shoots out threads of good or ill.

Watch every word you write and speak. Play with the runes if you will. They teach respect for the expressed - for spoken and unspoken words just the same.

Loving, breathing, pulsating building blocks of worlds. 

The runes are dancing - always dancing. Dance with them if you wish.
Illustrations Sofia Karin Axelsson

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