Friday, October 14, 2016

Immigration - Election Time and About Time to Get Some Perspective

Election time and about time to get some perspective on issues that are to complex to leave too simplifications. Read Mexican Roots, American Soil: A Quest for the American Dream, by Ernie Bringas. A book about immigration that is intelligent and knowledgeable, by a first generational Mexican American:

"... my first purpose for writing is to help mitigate the prejudicial attitudes that prevail. It is prompted by what I consider to be a direct assault against the Hispanic people, most notably, against Mexicans ..."

"I hope my family’s story— fleeing from the battlegrounds of the Mexican Revolution in 1916 to the USA—will help other Americans recognize the positive contributions made by immigrants that have woven their unique threads into the American fabric. That’s one of the great values of immigration. It’s the bloodline that keeps our nation from becoming anemic, and stagnant.  From top to bottom, the social, musical, athletic, professional, and intellectual contributions made by the constant flow of immigrants are incalculable."
"We must be mindful that the benefits of immigration are a two-way street. I will simply say that I am eternally grateful to my family members who had the vision for a better life, and had the tenacity to make that better life possible by crossing the Mexican/American border.  I still marvel at their courage and foresight.
On the other hand, I can point with pride to what this country did for me and for our family as a whole. With open arms this nation provided all the opportunities needed for the pursuit of happiness, including education and job opportunities. We, in turn, gave back with service, dedication and loyalty. That will become evident as our story unfolds."
Written by Ernie Bringas.
Images with courtesy of Pixabay.

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