Saturday, February 16, 2019

Magical Trees - World Trees

Who doesn't love trees? They are our steady friends through storm and breeze, our providers of oxygen, shelter and shade. The relationship between humans and trees are age-old and beautifully complex. Our root and branch allies are always there, reminding us of digging our energies deep into the earth, as well as reaching towards the open sky.

Around the world the world tree shows up as a symbol for all that is. In the world tree lives not only humans, animals and plants, but gods, spirits and fantastical beasts as well. In Norse mythology the world tree is called Yggdrasil – often depicted as a giant ash tree, holding the nine worlds.

I have decided to write a series in this blog on the magical properties of trees. I look forward to you reading. 

In photo: The ash that guards my parent's house in Sodermanland, Sweden.

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  1. YES! Looking so much forward to getting to know the trees from your eyes and perspective!