Sunday, February 17, 2019

Magic - Runes for Shifting from Winter to Spring

February is, for many people, a difficult month to keep energy and enthusiasm levels high. We are often tired of winter and the cold. We are ready for spring, but not quite there yet. In both regular media and the so-called New Age media articles usually start to appear at this time of year about detox and energy boosters, such as special diets, fasting or use of aromatic oils. On a magical level you can also use tools such as colors, tarot cards and visualization to help boost you into a more spring-oriented level of being and shake off that muggy slow winter feel. Being a rune nerd, I personally love to engage these age-old signs for focused magic work. Here follows my suggestion of three runes you can meditate on, make a drawing of or simply sit with for awhile to prepare for the shift between winter and spring:

Rune of Joy: Allow yourself to be filled with joy, contentment and a general feeling of awe. Spring is coming, but the year is still at its very beginning. This is also a wish rune, so mind your thoughts and make sure that your wishes and visions are lined up with what you truly want. An excellent way to work with the Rune of Joy is to draw it on a piece of paper using light colors such as pink and sunny yellow, or even better – draw it in glitter and hang it somewhere you can be reminded of its qualities every day.

Rune of Ice: While the coldness of winter is still lingering, use the Rune of Ice to slow down, breath deep and clarify where you are going. This rune is the very back-bone of the whole rune row and can help us remember what is the back-bone in our lives. Draw the rune in strong black strokes, add light blue and silver and meditate on its strength.

Rune of Cattle: The last rune of the Uthark, the Rune of Cattle, is also called the Rune of Richness. With this rune you can draw all those good things to you that you need. It stands for new beginnings, abundance, social success, sexual energy and more. Draw the rune in strong earthy and fiery colors and feel its power coming flowing into your life.

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