Thursday, August 16, 2018

Magic with Freja - Goddess of Love and War

In old Norse mythology, Freja is the goddess of love, war and magic. She is the master of sejd (or seidr) the artform of channeling powers for divination and prosperity. She knows how to protect what you love and cherish, and she can stand by your side when you need a strong ally. She is also the closest to the great Mother goddess you can come in Norse mythology, a personification of the Earth itself.

You can work with Freja for many things, but something that many of us need to work with every once in while is to bring in prosperity. Because Freja is a voice of the Earth, she wants all her children to have what they need: safety, food, shelter and comfort. Here follows an exercise that I wrote down many years ago, that truly do make you feel rich and safe. As in all magic work, if you do this exercise regularly, it can change how you think about yourself, about life, and thus, draw more of all those good things you want to you.

Visualization – To Draw Richness to You
Sit comfortably, with your legs a bit apart, feet steady on the ground, and a straight back. Put your hands in your lap with palms open towards the sky. Call on Freja and ask her to show you what it feels like to be prosperity. Breath deep and close your eyes. See with your inner eyes how your right palm contains a burning fire, and your left hand contains a spring of water that gently flows and falls to the Earth. Look with your inner eyes towards your heart chakra and see how it shines in a rich green color that stretches as far as you can imagine. Sit this way as long as you want: the fire is burning, the water is flowing, your heart chakra glowing in the grandest green. Know to the deep of your core that you have everything you need for survival and more. When you feel that you are done, thank Freja for all her gifts, and for her help to show you prosperity and richness. Also thank her for everything she will bring to you.

This visualization is an adaptation from my book about Nordic Goddesses that, so far, is only available in Swedish. A little note for the Swedish readers of this newsletter is that I will have some one-day courses in Sweden on 9-11 of September in the South of Sweden. One of them is about the goddess Freja. If you want to check out the details, go HERE.

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