Saturday, February 4, 2017

Awakening the Spirit of a House

A couple of small branches, a few leaves on fragile stems. Growing to a massive plant, covering half the bedroom window. The deep red touches something vital inside. When the sun shines thorugh the leaves it vibrates - infra-purple. It's painted pot is bloodred, and the name of the plant is Bloodtear.

It's easy to kill the spirit of a house: you can renovate it to death, or suffocate it under dusty neglect.
But it's just as easy to make it come alive.

Just treat every thing as a creature with its own worth, and soon there will be more life, and voices, and song, from every corner, roof and wall. Give attention to details, and the spirits will come flowing in.

There came a package in the mail from a loved one, with left-over items from the sister who passed away. Among them was a jar of shells. Shells picked on the beach by two sisters. A jar filled with salty longings and dreams.

Everything is infused with its own story. Give each and one of the stories some room to be told, some room to be. Soon your house becomes a library of sorts, voices whispering, telling and sniggering.

Art and figurines have their spirits too. As do chrystals, stones and bones. Give them names. Let them bask in the sun.

Now you can feel that your house is alive; spirits are gathering, stories are told, voices and laughter high and low.

Photographs by Sofia Karin Axelsson

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