Sunday, January 8, 2017

Spirits of the House

Spirits  of the house. Giggling, wispering, keeping us warm, waking us up at night, with an unknown tone.

Everything is alive. So is your house. Filled with memories - and dreams. Little gnomes, little sprites, and sometimes ... something grander: a face of the land.

Remember them. How they work to keep you safe, and sometimes ... keep you on your toes.

Reflections, of reflections, awakened souls of old ... and new.

Soul of the House

Light of the House

Watching over Us

Remember to say thanks. And maybe leave a branch - with golden ribbons - for them to play with. Or a warmly charged sunstone - shining through the nigh - for them to find their way during cold, dark nights.

If you watch over them. They will watch over you. Everything is alive. Even your house.

Photographs: "Spirits of the Tree-house," by Sofia Karin Axelsson. 

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