Friday, November 30, 2018

Accessing Inner Guidance - Anyone Can!

The Echo World columnist Frank DeMarco will be teaching and instructing ways to improve accessing your inner guidance in a free lecture followed by lunch and a $45 lunch and workshop at Open Heart Yoga, Charlottesville, Virginia: Saturday 1st of Dec, 11am - 17pm.

Accessing Inner Guidance With Frank DeMarco

Do you ever wish you were psychic? Ever wish you could access extra-sensory sources of guidance?

Well, you are psychic, and you do have extra-sensory sources of guidance. Everyone is born psychic. We all come complete with inner guidance. It’s just a matter of learning to connect with it consciously, instead of accidentally and perhaps unknowingly.

Connecting is a skill that can be learned quickly and easily. Frank DeMarco, an experienced communicator, will show you how. In a free two-hour lecture and Q&A, he will make you experience a different way to see the world – to see your life – that removes the barriers to such communication.

Then, in the course of an afternoon workshop, he leads you do move from understanding to doing.

You learn how to:

* Recognize guidance when it comes in unexpected forms.

* Recognize and decode messages from guidance.

* Overcome bad habits that hamper communication.

* Deepen your conscious connection with your unconscious mind.

* Distinguish between accurate and inaccurate sources of information.

Learn to connect consciously, and use that connection surely, naturally, and easily in all areas of your life. Join Frank DeMarco for a two-hour lecture and Q&A (free), and an optional personalized three-hour workshop ($40).

Frank DeMarco was cofounder and Chief Editor of Hampton Roads Publishing Company. He is the author of thirteen books, including Muddy Tracks, The Sphere and the Hologram, and Babe in the Woods all centering on his own personal psychic explorations and discoveries.

Frank is regularly a guest instructor at The Monroe Institute and has authored and had published thirteen books. He is a great teacher and these events will wonderfully enhance any attendees life.

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