Friday, November 25, 2016

Post-Election Perspective - We All Need It. An Interview with Frank DeMarco

"Post-Election Perspective," is an interview with author Frank DeMarco starting off in his latest book: "Rita's World Volume II: A View from the Non-Physical." 

How do the reactions to the 2016 election in the USA look from beings from the other side? Can a non-physical perspective give us in the physical form a better perspective on the election outcome, and the way the world looks to us at this point? Frank DeMarco explains these connections between the physical and the non-physical world, starting off in his book "Rita's World Volume II: A View from the Non-Physical."

"Rita's World Volume II: A View from the Non-Physical," continues the conversation between friends in two worlds: Rita Warren, now in the non-physical world, Frank DeMarco, still in the body. 

The interview is conducted by Michael Peter Langevin.


The video is created by Sofia Karin Axelsson.

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